Triangle Slip Stitch Cowl Pattern

Posted by Lis Barsuglia-Madsen on

Had this idea for a while... Finally got it out of my head.

I love the idea of having 2 cowls in one. 2 color versions in one.

I can see making each triangle a different color, using up leftovers.

First one was just to make a simple classic cowl. One that goes with everything. Plus one that would be nice and soft against the neck. One you may not wish to take off when you get inside.

So I choose our Super Fine Alpaca. This yarn is 100% Super Fine Alpaca and Natural Alpaca colors. Somehow the natural colors are always softer than the dyed.

You can easily make this cowl larger as the pattern is divisible by 10, add 10 sts and you have almost 2 more inches in width. You just have to adjust the holes for the Icord, must be an even number. 130 stitches will still work with the I cord holes as I have it written in the pattern.

You can also make it taller by adding triangle slip stitch patterns.

Patterns are guides!

I cannot wait to see your version.

Happy Knitting!




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