Odin's Hue

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Odin’s Hue*

*Hue is Danish for Kep, Cap or Hat

Odin’s 2 Raven - Memory & Thought and the Sun Wheel are century old Scandinavian motifs.

I tried to make the crown “Feathery” in honor of the 2 Ravens.

I choose colors instead of grey/charcoal for the “Feathers”.

The Shetland Keps provided the inspiration for this “HUE”, love playing with colors.

This is a win win combination, colors, using up my leftovers in the yak/silk/merino,

creating a super soft warm hat.

Figured there was room for a Scandinavian version, based on my Nordic heritage.

These hats are great for using up all those leftovers.

Plus they can tell a story or bring out favorite colors or favorite scenery.

Do not hesitate to play with your leftover colors to create your own version.

Remember patterns are only suggestions and not carved in rock.

Happy Knitting!


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