New Colors and LEFTOVERS!

Posted by Lis Barsuglia-Madsen on

Happy Spring! Well it depends which day. Today was Winter in the morning, Spring in the afternoon. Luckily my Snow Drops do not mind the snow.

I just added a bunch of new colors to our Fine Merino Sport Collection. This particular yarn is SILKY SOFT. It is a FINE merino. US Size 4 needles. 24 sts = 4". Approximately 3.5 oz/ 380 yards.

So the photo is of my LEFTOVERS from shawl knitting. I did a couple of Stephen West's Exploration Station this winter - I wanted a larger version, so added to the wedges. I did post photos of those on our instagram page:

Anyway, I had all these wonderful odds and ends in my favorite yarn the Yak/Silk/Merino - so I have been using these for the Katie's Kep. 

Have fun creating with your LEFTOVERS!



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