Fleece Artist - Vine and Merino Slim 3.5 oz skeins & Handmaiden - Camelspin

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Our boxes with Fleece Artist/Hand Maiden wonderful yarns. They know how we prefer those bold and vibrant colors. I REALLY do NOT want to share...

For the moment we have the yarn to make the Ahmic Lake Pullover designed by Todwick Studios. The pattern is available via Ravelry. Sweater in photo is in Caribou and Thousand Islands colorways in the Vine yarn.

I am working on my 4th one. Had never worked a top down sweater and liked this one to try out as my first. 

If you pick Caribou for the pullover and Thousand Islands for the design color. Do note that some of the colors in Thousand Islands are close to the Caribou. If you need a contrast you might want to use another color for the design. 

I added German short rows after the rib and before the Bobble Stitch.


We also received the Silky Soft Merino Slim - these are short skeins, so ONLY

3.5 oz and 383 yards and not the regular Slim at 4 oz and 437 yards. These 3.5 oz skeins are 55 yards shorter at the discounted price of $18/ea. Just make sure to

get enough for your project. These skeins are HAND DYED and each dye batch is

guaranteed to be different. You will even have variations within each batch.


Finally we got some  more Handmaiden Camelspin. My favorite yarn for my Double Twist Mobius Cowls. It would be pattern 156, if you decide you want to make some. I normally split a skein in 2 and get 2 cowls from 1 skein.


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