Amazing Winter!

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This winter has been absolutely the best. Lots of snow. It has been years since we have been able to get out on our XC skies as many days in a row as this winter.

Plus we are finally having some of that brilliant winter sunshine, which brings out those magical blues. All the colors are crisp and clear.

Today on our ski trip I picked up some balsam tips that had come off with the snow. The balsam scent is so much stronger when it is ice cold.

Been busy making fingerless mittens. They are very handy when bringing suet and food out for the bird feeders. Our chickadees greet us as soon as we open the door. They know which door the food comes from.

The Fingerless mittens in the photo is the Fingerless Mittens with Cables version 2 and shown in Cedar. One skein of the SW Merino - Bulky is all it takes to make a pair. The pattern comes FREE with the purchase of this yarn. If you wish to make these fingerless mittens larger you would need 2 skeins. I only had a couple of yards left.

As always do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions.

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Happy Winter!


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