Cardigan - The Swirl Cardigan in Merino DK Single Ply - 1008

Cardigan - The Swirl Cardigan in Merino DK Single Ply - 1008

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This Pattern is written for the Merino DK Single Ply yarn.

You can also use our Fine Merino & Mulberry Silk

You need: US Size 8 Double Pointed Needles and

US Size 8 Circular Needles - 32" length. 

Markers, 4 stitch holders, 6-8 buttons 3/4"-7/8".

5 (6) (7) skeins of the Merino DK Single Ply

The pattern is written for Chest Size: 32-34" & 38-40" & 42-44".

Sleeve length is 16" for Chest Size 32-34" & 38-40", and 18" for Chest Size 42-44". I also made the upper arms wider for Chest Size 42-44".

Cardigan length is 22 1/2" for Chest Size 32-34" size. 23 1/2" for Chest Size 38-40", and 25" for Chest Size 42-44".

This Swirl Pattern acts like rib. It will "HUG" you softly.

The pattern is 7 pages. You have to pay close attention.

Not an easy pattern if you are a beginner.

The Pattern is $5 without the purchase of yarn.

The Pattern is FREE with the purchase of 5 (6) (7) skeins of the Merino DK Single Ply

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NOTE: If you have received this pattern prior to 2/2018. Send me an e-mail: There is a correction to the row #'s for Step #4.

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